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Published on September 11, 2011

Reina Sofia – newspaper front pages from 12th September 2001, originally uploaded by rob78.

I remember very clearly the events of September 11th 2011 from my point of view. I was in work and it was a pretty quiet day. A friend of mine was unemployed at the time and therefore at home sent me a text along the lines of “Oh my God, have you seen what has happened”, so the few of us in the office that day, headed to the internet and specifically which we figured would be a good news source to start with.

If you look at CNN you’ll see that much like the familiar BBC news website it contains a multitude of stories, links, features etc. On that day however, presumably overwhelmed by traffic, the whole site had been pulled and replaced with a quickly put together page of basic code, free from any stye sheet or corporate branding said:

BREAKING NEWS: America under attack, airliner strikes World Trade Center.

Below it was a photo of the burning building


That was all there was. And even that took nearly 5 minutes to load.

So, in addition to what we were getting from the various texts and phone calls, we watched and waited as the CNN site sluggishly refreshed.

It was so far away, but it didn’t make it feel any less real, or less scary. Sad times.

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