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true or false? (part 2)

Published on June 13, 2010

Apologies it has taken so long, but here is the follow-up to this entry from the other week. Thanks to everyone who commented, I will press on with the answers, scores at the end!

1. TRUE – I am left handed.

2. TRUE – One day when I was 10 or 11 we returned home from school to find a pigeon roosting on my parents bedroom window sill. Peering at him through the window, we could see he had a ring on his leg and he wasn’t a manky urban bird either. We figured he’d disappear soon enough, however after a few weeks, it was clear he was there to stay. So with some care, Dad went up on the ladders, caught the bird, placed him in a cardboard box and drove him to his brothers house 40 miles away. Dad duly released the pigeon. Has was back at the house about 20 minutes after Dad was. So this went on for a couple of months, and every time we visited someone, we’d take the pigeon with us, release him, and he’d be back home soon after. Finally after getting fed up with the amount of poop accumulating on the side of the house, Dad contacted the RSPB and they in turn had a local pigeon racing type person come and collect him. He never came back and I really hope he didn’t end up in a pie :(

3. TRUE – Corin, Jenny, Iona and Aniq all chipped in for my 30th Birthday for me to have a day at Silverstone, which culminated in 5 laps in an awesome 360. Loved it.

4. TRUE – It is still chipped to this day as the veneer fitted soon after kept falling off, so I am waiting for a suitable occasion (and when savings permit) for proper whitening and a crown (done privately).

5. TRUE – The story is too long (for this entry at least) but Giles and I were in Las Vegas in 2003 and went to a gig with Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. We had emailed him before we left the UK to find out where the hell the casino was (as it was way off the strip) and he then came and talked to us in the show, and we then went back into Vegas with him and the band in the bus (with minibar). More on this another time.

6. TRUE – The left one.

7. TRUE – I was in the 1990 Avon Scout Gang Show.

8. TRUE – I did a degree in architecture at Portsmouth from 1996-99 and left with a third, possibly due to too much time spent having fun and not enough time working. The frustrated architect still lurks within from time to time, but I’m pretty certain that I am better at what I do, than had I been an architect.

9. TRUE – Two of my ex-girlfriends have both subsequently joined the navy. Not as a result of me (I don’t think), but it’s still true.

10. TRUE – One of Dave’s housemates in around 2001 managed to get a summer job at a TV production company and bagged us VIP seats in the crowd for Robot Wars when it was being filmed. We didn’t have to queue outside with the other punters and instead went through to the VIP room where we ate doughnuts and drank tea at one end of the room, while the judges sat there at the other end with their grandchildren doing much the same. We saw the filming of the show and then had a tour of the pit area afterwards and met the teams from Razer, Hypnodisk and the super-awesome Tornado. We couldn’t see the house robots or their operators sadly, as they were a very secretive bunch apparently…

So there you have it. All true! Onto the scores now.

I’ve not added a row for FitForNothing, but I can confirm all matters are unrelated. And I’ve not added a row for Dave, as he is my brother and knows all the answers anyway.

As this is my quiz, I have marked as I see fit, so tough luck if you are unhappy about it.

The winner (as you already know by now) is Hannah, who by taking a chance and guessing they were all true wins it with a clean sheet. Good guessing from AndyC, although, I resent left-handedness being referred to as perverted. JH, I wanted to award you some bonus points, but in the end, you didn’t have the nerve to go through with the “all true” response. And if I gave you bonus points, everyone else would have wanted them too.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting :)

(Please keep any bickering in the comments polite!)

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  1. Omar says:

    Caution to the wind wins out!

    Good stuff Rob, though no one else will be able to do an all true now!

  2. Hannah says:


    Apparently the above comment is “too short” to post, so here’s some extra gloat:


  3. Lady Frampton says:

    Fail a tron! Well it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick…I would imagine!

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