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Published on October 28, 2009

A couple of little coincidences happened today.

Firstly my boss is considering upgrading her Blackberry and was toying with the idea of getting her old one set up for me to use so I can join the leagues of other users always connected to their email.

And secondly, for the second time in ten years at my company, I drove home, then remembered something critical that I had to finish and email out tonight.

The annoyance of remembering the thing I forgot to do lead to this (somewhat angsty) tweet.

Which in turn resulted in a couple of replies from WiseguyRussell and Kiff76 the gist of which was “Why don’t you sign in remotely and sort it out?”

And whilst I can sign in and access my email from afar, there are a number of things I can’t do, such as accessing our files and more importantly in this case getting to the hand amended report on my desk that I needed to make the changes to and then email out to the client.

With the exception of needing the hand-amended report on my desk (which no amount of earth-based technology could recover without a personal visit to the office) both WgR and K76’s responses and a few follow up tweets made me realise that I am somewhat in the dark ages in terms of connectivity to our office.


Do I really want to be able to access all our files and emails at any time of the day? I don’t think I do. Every now and then I work late and then once in a while I work stupidly late. But normally, I leave the office and my connection to my work ends then and there. Whatever it is, it can wait ’til tomorrow.

Unless of course a client is going into the office at 8am to collect an email I’ve sent them the evening before…

(Also – a Blackberry Curve 8300 – should I hold out for something better anyway??!)

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  1. Anything has got to be better than my o2 xda, which hasn’t coped since I changed my surname…

    I can do almost everything I do in the office at home, apart from a single piece of performance management software which I don’t have. It’s unhealthy and I hate it. Let’s face it, you’ve only had to go back to the office twice in twos years. That’s not so bad…

  2. Twos years? That’s what you get for commenting on the bus.

  3. rob says:

    Psst, JH – it’s ten years anyway…

  4. Sounds like you should throw the pen in the bin and edit stuff on your machine ! then you could tap in remotely and grab it saving the bother of leaving the house.

    My office is 100 miles away so I am rarely there, I can access everything remotely and even print to the office printer and get my secretary to post it.

  5. rob says:

    My office is only 6 miles up the road, so it isn’t too much of a slog. I like to kick it old school with paper and pen as I find it easier to think/write rather than think/type.

    And for the second time in 10 years it isn’t a bad track record.

    Finally, it keeps our secretaries employed too if I do stuff by hand!

  6. Exactly. I was trying to type ‘ten’.

  7. Rob

    Currently have a blackberry (personal) a personal laptop and two company laptops (one is to access the clients systems), I am able to check my company e-mail via web mail and I have a back up of most document I am likely to need on a 300Gb hard drive. That all sounds great but it makes me a bit of a work a-holic I have been known to be sending work based e-mail at 22:00 at night.

    Sometimes being able to say “well it is in the office and it will have to wait till tomorrow” is not a bad thing.


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