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Published on September 7, 2009

…on a first date.

About a month or so back I went out for lunch with a very nice girl, on a date, no less. It was a first date and for you the reader, that is all the context you need to know.

Anyhow, all was going well, until that is, about 25 tourists marched into the pub (which it transpires has a bit of local historical significance). It got worse as they were then led to the historic end of the pub (where we were sat) and then all peered through the historic window (about a metre away from my date).

Needless to say, the interruption didn’t do much for the conversation over lunch, although we soldiered on bravely, however, the tour guide then stopped and asked me when I was going to produce a ring to offer to my date…

World, please swallow me up.
That is all.

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  1. Dave says:

    hahah, that is quite an awkward situation.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Ur telling me… How red was my face? ;) x

  3. rob says:

    No worse than mine – very sporting of you to comment though ;)

  4. Omar says:


    So you learnt something about the pub too?!

  5. corin says:

    Awkward (yes) but also hillarious!

    Good to see that the blog has got it’s entry for September covered… roll on October! ;-)

  6. rob says:

    @Omar – I learned not to go there for a first date…

    @Corin – cheeky get! (I could mention your otherwise very underused domain here, but I won’t)

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