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June 19, 2011

Not my own work, sadly… [citation needed]

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oh man!

May 14, 2010


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arcade games attack New York

April 9, 2010

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Watch original web videos.

Awesome! via b3ta

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March 22, 2010

Caaaaaaaaaaake!, originally uploaded by rob78.

I’ve had 100+ views on the blog today – if anyone could enlighten me as to who they are, or why they have visited, then I’d love to know…

(the picture above is irrelevant, but for what it’s worth, the banana and walnut cake was lovely)

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and… mute.

February 23, 2010

So any of you who are my friends on facebook will have seen that I went off on a bit of a rant recently about people (almost continuously) ‘becoming fans’ of often completely inane things. If you aren’t my friend on facebook, you aren’t really missing much, except me generally complaining that ‘it isn’t as good as twitter’. Here is a sample of my ire:

I’m on about shite like “Geoff became a fan of mobile phone chargers”. Seriously; they are useful, but being a fan would suggest waving a flag or buying a t-shirt or something. And I’m not planning on buying a t-shirt that says “Phone chargers – fuck yeah!”

So after a spot of delving through facebook’s new and less useful privacy and newsfeed controls, I discovered that I was stuck with all the ‘becoming a fan’ stories except for individually hiding the worst culprits from my homescreen. Thank goodness however for Google Chrome and it’s multitude of extensions chock full of scripty goodness. I have now installed the Better Facebook Fixer extension and now from within facebook I can turn off the types of news I don’t want to see in my feed. I’m sure Greasemonkey will do something similar for you Firefox types as well.

Thing is, that considering that facebook is meant to be about social networking, the amount of news, with the fan-page activity muted is so much lower. Lower to the extent that I get the impression that the actual social utility of facebook has been reduced, in favour of people clicking on banal crud. Hmm…

For more thoughts on this, why not become a fan of…

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coin toss

February 15, 2010

Found in google reader – I like it :)


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more haste less speed

January 22, 2010

Aaaaaaargh – you’d think it knows I’m in a rush to get away!, originally uploaded by rob78.

Yet again, the dark forces contrived to delay me getting away from the office. It’s as if they *know* I’m planning to do exciting things…

Never mind. All is good now. Patience is a virtue. And… breathe.

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profile pictures

January 21, 2010

One way and another, I’m in quite a few places on the internet – this blog, twitter, flickr, and of course the ever-ubiquitous facebook as well. I used to have a myspace account (two actually) and I’ve dipped into the world of internet dating as well. And the thing that goes with it everywhere is your profile picture, which defines you from the outset before anyone knows anything about you. Whilst I’d like to say I don’t think too hard about my profile pictures, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it at all – after all, no-one is going to deliberately post a bad picture as their representation online, are they?

Anyway, all this leads to this awesome piece of work on OKcupid which someone had linked to on twitter earlier. Statistics fans – it’s a good one :)

show me the data!

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new look

January 18, 2010

So I’ve gone and made the blog all minimal. Behind the scenes it also auto-updates twitter and facebook. Flickr is set up to post here as well (see the ‘fingers crossed’ entry for an example).

Posterous and tumblr might be the new kids on the block, but WordPress was here first :)

What do you think?

(Colour was so 2009 anyway)

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video of the week

October 31, 2009

As seen on the b3ta newsletter.

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