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Back on it.

August 23, 2015



But I’ve got to start somewhere I guess. Serves me right for not doing any running for best part of two months off.

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Birthday weekend

May 18, 2014

Our first holiday as a little family just down the M5 at Burnham on Sea:

• Tea and biscuits in bed
• Minifigs
• Walking along the seafront with an ice cream
• Al fresco beer
• Barefoot on the beach
• Chip shop chips
• Building sandcastles with Ted
• Forty-eight hours with my lovely family

Followed by Ted going straight to sleep this evening, a massive bowl of nachos for tea, accompanied by a nice bottle of wine and Hot Fuzz on the telly.


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12 line annual review (2010 edition)

December 31, 2010

January – Started the year, still with a job after the end of a very shaky year in the construction industry. Overhauled the colour scheme on here.

February – Finished an astonishing two-week holiday which took in Vail (Colorado), Las Vegas and New York. Awesome!

March – Was nominated as photographer for a big Scouting event. Didn’t cock it up. Was relieved.

April – Had a fantastic weekend with friends before one of them became a dad. Too much drinking, eating and messing around.

May – My birthday, my sister-in-law’s 30th and a trip to the sculpture park. Lovely.

June – Went to my first ever completely rain-free Glastonbury. Ended up with a lovely tan!

July – Did Bristol’s Biggest Bike ride, 50 miles in all. Should have done more than one training ride on reflection.

August – Unless you live under a rock, you’ll have heard me mention that I signed up for British Military Fitness.

September – Mark, one of my oldest freinds was tragically killed. Dreadful. I read at the funeral. Honoured.

October – After the sadness of September, I threw myself into lots of exercise at BMF to distract me. Moved out of the beginner group.

November – Had a little break in Madrid at the end of the month with friends, taking in culture, tapas, beer and ham. Good times.

December – For the first time, I had a conversation with my 20 month old niece, who understands so much for one so young. Amazing.

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Protected: I guess that’s why…

September 30, 2010

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5 weeks ago

September 26, 2010

Five weeks ago today, I came in from a short cycle ride, the morning after my first ever BritMilFit session, having had “the legs run off of me” (for want of a better phrase) the previous day. (I went out on the bike to force a bit of movement into my legs in the hope it would stop them aching).

Thinking ahead, I remembered that I wouldn’t be in Bristol the following weekend for the bank holiday (and the annual jazz festival in town) and instead of going back to bed for a couple of hours, I decided to ring Mark and see if he was around for a beer later that day, seeing as I would be out of town the following weekend.

Turns out he was. We spent a few hours in the sunshine sat outside the pub, talking about everything and nothing, drinking Amstel (nice to find it on draught too) and then a couple of hours later Charlotte and Isobel joined us in a cafe for some tea before giving me a lift home.

As friends and twitter peeps will know, Mark died just over 2 weeks later. I feel so bloody lucky that I saw him that Sunday.

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5 weeks and 1 day ago

Five weeks ago I went to my first ever session at BritMilFit.

I said I would comment further once I had been a bit more than just the one session, so here I am. I’ve upped my subscription to unlimited and went three times last week. Yesterday I had my first fitness assessment and I surprised myself. I was expecting to be crap at the running parts an better at the exercises (press-ups, sit-ups and burpees), and it turns out I was better at the running.

To any of you who have talked to me in the past about exercise, you’ll have probably heard me say that “I don’t have a body designed for running” (mainly the excess weight and short legs), so I was quite surprised. I’m now waiting on the results of the fitness assessment to see whether I should try the next group up. We shall see.

Overall though, the stranger thing is that I am exercising regularly AND enjoying it a lot. I’d never thought I’d hear myself saying that. (I realise I’ve typed it instead of saying it, but you know what I mean).

Going again tomorrow, although my arms are still sore from the press-ups on Saturday.

Onwards and upwards!

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I blame Omar

August 21, 2010

I’ve just signed up for (including a 3-month un-refundable Direct Debit) to British Military Fitness.

I did my freebie ‘taster’ session this morning, which comes with the enticing offer that if you sign up properly within 24 hours, then the £35 joining fee is waived. I suspect this serves two purposes:

1. You sign up while you are still buzzing from all the endorphins after the taster
2. You sign up before everything hurts a day after the session (I will confirm this tomorrow)

I’m not going to say anything about what I did at the session or what I thought of it, because if I don’t stick at it, then not only will I be out of pocket to the tune of over £100 (by the time you include DD and the running shoes I bought in preparation for it), but I’ll also look like a prize idiot if I write an entry saying how great it was.

So we’ll see how this all goes…

Oh. And it’s all his fault that I went in the first place.

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true or false? (part 2)

June 13, 2010

Apologies it has taken so long, but here is the follow-up to this entry from the other week. Thanks to everyone who commented, I will press on with the answers, scores at the end!

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true or false? (part 1)

June 3, 2010

So I’ve been online for a while now in various places, but how much do you, the reader actually know about me? How many of the statements below are true? (or, indeed; false?)

1. I am left-handed
2. I had a racing pigeon at home when I was younger
3. I have driven a Ferrari 360
4. I chipped my tooth in a swimming pool aged 16 and it still isn’t fixed
5. I went drinking with a band in Las Vegas after a gig they performed
6. I have a pierced nipple
7. I have performed in a production at the Bristol Hippodrome
8. I started training as an architect, but never quite made the cut
9. I’ve had two of my exes run away to sea
10. I was a VIP guest on Robot Wars

Ok folks, answers in the comments and I will reveal all in the near future.

(And people visiting this from facebook – the comments form won’t bite, it only asks for your email address to discourage spammers and goes nowhere else. Go on, you know you want to…)

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a few things

May 20, 2010

1. I wish I had an attention span of more than 3 minutes with computer games. Red Dead Redemption looks awesome, but I don’t have the means or the patience to play it. Everything since Mario Kart on the SNES has been a disappointment frankly.

2. It takes longer than you’d think to make a hat.

3. I wonder if the Kenco “97% less packaging” coffee pouch can be recycled like the glass jar does? (Sub-question: Is it actually more environmentally friendly, if so, how much?)

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