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The sea

November 10, 2015


(Berrow beach, 25th October 2015)

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Like father, like son

October 3, 2015


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Dinosaur protest

September 30, 2015


“What do we want?”
“When do we want them?”

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Another day…

September 27, 2015

…another 16-sausage toad in the hole.



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Motivational workplace artwork

September 23, 2015


Doesn’t get much more motivational than that!

(I was presented with this by the boss a couple of days ago, as it was my sole contribution to a massive project we worked on. I made the suggestion that busy cycle commuters might be more prepared to stop and take a survey if there was an incentive to do so, and after a poll of cyclists in the office, it was concluded that granola was the “carrot” (look at my use of psychological buzzwords there) that would tempt the most people).

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Dinosaur footprints

September 17, 2015



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Another dinner

September 14, 2015


…and another escaped pea. They’re getting better and better at hiding :\

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I’ve never seen sunflowers growing wild in the UK before.

(Unbelievably, this photo was taken on a stag do. We had been on a clay shoot just before, as opposed to going on a nature walk…)

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August 29, 2015


When I was seven or eight years old, Mum and Dad took my brother and I to the kite festival in Bristol. I bought a kite with my pocket money and not long after while flying it, the string snapped and a tree ate my kite. I’ve not flown a kite since (due to a lack of kite, not some deep seated trauma).

Last weekend I went back to the kite festival, close to thirty years later and bought another kite. Today was its first outing. It was amazing.


(The string didn’t snap and while the wind lasted, it was ace, even though the photo above was taken moments before it crashed).

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Construction time

August 23, 2015


I knew there was a reason I drank all that beer. Besides of course, for the purposes of drinking all that beer.

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